heart-love-romance-valentineIn the season of love, teddy bears and red roses, a lettings agent has arrived which should be at the top of your Valentines Day affections. Primove is an agency with a difference – we work with landlords for landlords but also with the best intentions towards tenants on our books.

Are you a landlord with an empty property that you have been unable to shift with the help of other lettings agents? Primove could be your cupid, your perfect match. We only charge a maximum of £660 a year to fully manage your property, taking the pain away from letting.

We are also commission free on all rent. We won’t take any extra from you to fund our romantic getaways – you can keep the cash to do the very same. Primove might just be your knight in shining armour.

With a guarantee that five days after taking on your property a suitable tenant will be in place, you can rely on Primove that our relationship with landlords on our books will be strong from the outset.

We also offer a £3000 cash grant provided you meet certain terms and conditions – think of it as a little gift to show our affection and a reward for your loyalty.

Primove realised that there was a gap in the market for a lettings agent that actually showed you love no matter how your home looks, its height or whether your home has a conservatory. Primove will embrace everyone despite your circumstances.

Been turned away by other lettings agencies? This will not happen with Primove – we want to help you in any way we can. If you show us love then it will be matched and surpassed. We won’t swipe left on helping you out.

Tenants won’t miss out on the love affair either. Like an overpriced Valentines Day meal, many tenants are left with a bad taste after multiple courses of extra fees. Reference checks, credit checks and contracts can sometimes average costs in the region of £500.

At Primove, tenants will be charged just £100 for all of this plus more – this includes renewal and initial contracts as well as 24-hour customer care. That leaves you a bit of extra cash for a long weekend in Paris, but also a great service without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Primove is here and we want to help. We’re just a lettings agent standing in front of landlords and tenants asking you to love us.

Ours is a long term commitment and we will be there for you long after the Valentines flowers have wilted.

That’s why you should love us.