Its good to talk. The sales and lettings market is volatile and can be confusing, with laws and rulings, taxes and tax reliefs. It can be enough to put your head in a spin and send you running back to your existing home, take down the for sale sign and stay put.

Primove recognises this. We are the experts, we know the industry inside and out, and when we say something it comes from the right place. But we don’t want to patronise you either. There may be parts of the industry where you do have some understanding but want to further develop that knowledge, or go over the finer details.

Perhaps you are a landlord who has only ever dealt with buy-to-let houses and is just entering the rental market for flats and apartments. You could be a tenant who has experienced rented student housing but is looking at purchasing a stake in a property of your own. Where are you going to find the resources, the expertise or the guidance to make a suitable choice.

Our surgeries at 691 Wimborne Road could be exactly what you are looking for. Held on Wednesday evenings between 5 and 7, and the same set-up from 2-4pm on Saturdays. There will be no cost to you for attending, and separate surgeries will be held for both landlords and tenants.

You are welcome to ask about any queries you may have about the property market, your personal housing situation or anything else you can think of.

We are happy to talk you through concerns about, in particular, evictions (from the point of view of landlords and evictees), insurance on properties, asset valuations and service charges.

We will also explain how upcoming tax changes could affect you, either as a landlord or tenant, and how we can help to offset these to stop any negative affect to your income. You will never be worse off with Primove.

If you can’t make the surgeries, you can always pay us a visit in our office, or reach us any time on 01202 800606. We look forward to speaking to you.