How could my property stay void for 60 days, that is what I cannot understand?  Three of the biggest lettings agents in the Bournemouth and Poole area were unable to get my property off the market and let to suitable tenants. Is it a sign of the market at this moment, or a failing on the part of those lettings agents? If property is all about location, location, location then I would have to say the latter.

Because here is the thing: Primove were able to let my property out in a single day. Vacant for 60 days, it suddenly had a tenant just 24 hours after the newest lettings agent on the block took me on. Primove really are an amazing business and, in a short period of time, a breath of coastal fresh air to the local area. They are the kick up the backside that the industry needed.

It’s completely unbelievable, and I am prepared to put reputations on the line here. The big letting agents can get away with shoddy service based on name alone, but this is not right. Sixty days waiting around for my attractive property to find a taker is a bit of a joke. Yet I wasn’t laughing, especially at the loss of income!

My name is Kate and I’m a landlord. But the supposedly unlettable property, and its location is the real story here,  Allum Chine is a rich haven, and interest in properties near the sea is high. But apparently not mine. Three agencies were unable to shift it in nigh-on two months, even though I was reliably informed by one of the other leaseholders, that estate agents were taken people to view the flat every day.

Yet in came Primove, with a reputation for fair and honest deals, in its early days, and succeeded in letting the property with their very first viewing. Where other lettings agents failed, Primove instantly succeeded. These weren’t small independent agents that had proved unable to seal the deal. These were giants slain by the new kid on the block.

This wasn’t just a small victory for Primove, it was a landslide. But also, only par for the course with its business model and industry links promising a great future.

The big-name agents need to be held to account. They will take our money almost before they have our sort-code & bank details, but when it comes to offering a fair deal they are found wanting in a major way.

All it took was 24 hours for Primove to get my property let out, impressive in any case, but even more so when Primove’s competitors could not do so. They wiped the floor with them and it will only be a matter of time before they are recognized as a force to be reckoned with!!!