Q: Why Primove ?
A: PRIMOVE was created by landlords for landlords and tenants to help both deal with the unfair and unregulated lettings market which charge high extortionate fees and commissions. We don’t charge commission as we believe it should be banned. Primove is an effective, rigorous, expert driven company that ensures landlords and tenants have a positive experience.

Q: What does it cost?
A: We charge between £30 and £60 a month  which includes full property management service for landlords. Tenants pay only £200 for all contracts, credit checks etc. One off setup fee of £195 VAT is included

Q: What is the difference between Primove and traditional letting agents?
A: Simple, we are a high street lettings agent with honest fair prices who guarantee the best customer service in the area. Your inventory and tenancy agreement will be to a higher standard. We will meet your tenants quarterly, a practice actively discouraged by letting agents. But we don’t rip you off by charging you between 6 and 15% of your monthly rental as commission.

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other high street agents?
A: We have setup the business because the current way and fees are unfair for both tenants and landlords.  We have invested heavily in systems to reduce costs and have set our pricing to offer great value for money. We don’t need to charge inflated commissions to supplement our income.

What’s the catch?

For once, there is no catch.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No

Q: What areas do you cover?
A: We currently cover the Poole, Bournemouth , Wimborne and  Christchurch catchment area.

Q: Do you hold my financial details?
A: We will carry out a credit search on all your potential tenants and will store the questionnaire and results of these searches. Landlord financial details (e.g. credit card data) are not stored. The only financial data we hold are your bank account details and sort code. These are stored in an electronically encrypted location and are used to generate a standing order letter for the tenant to make regular payments to you.

Q: Do you offer additional services?
A: Yes, absolutely. Whilst Primove’s fee has been designed to provide a comprehensive fully management tenancy service, we can also provide a range of additional services including: arranging a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC), EPC , chasing any rents arrears including covering full legal costs. According to the National Landlords Association (NLA), one third of tenancies fall into arrears. We don’t believe in trying to ‘up-sell’ at every opportunity, but we are eager to help and support our valued Primove members as and when required.

Q: What are your opening times?
A: 7 days a week. 24/7

Q: Who can I speak to if things go wrong or I get stuck?
A: The team are on hand 7 days a week (see directly above) with expert advice and guidance for any problems you may have.

Q: What professional bodies are you members of?
A: To keep up to date with legislation and to protect our members we are members of UKALA, CMP and PRS

Q: Why do I need to get references?
A: There is a direct relationship between good referencing and minimising rent arrears and eviction costs. Enough said?

Landlords FAQ’s

Q: How do you value my property?
A: We have a over 15 years’ property experience and up to date rental calculation tools.

Q: What happens if we do not let the property?
A: This will not happen we are that good!! However, if for some reason we fail to find a suitable tenant for your property, we will start paying you the monthly rent.

Q: Would I get more money for my property if I opted for another high street agent?
A: No, you will be advertising in the same places and for the same rent, and you will be paying a percentage of the monthly rent in fees.

Q: My property is already on the market, can I use Primove?
A:Yes, but if you let your property through someone else you will not enjoy all the features of the Primove package – the best value price in the UK. If you currently let through someone else we will help release you from the contract for free*

Q: When will my property be on the market?
A: Within a few hours of you uploading the property details to us. We have two critical processes, processing both adverts and move-in packs quickly. These are our life blood.

Q: Where will my property be advertised?
A: On Rightmove, Gumtree, Facebook and our website which has 5000 hits a week.

Q: What is the time limit on my advert?
A: There is no time limit. We will work with you to ensure your advert is positioned in the best possible way and that the property is priced correctly. This should ensure that the property is let quickly.

Q: What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and how long does it last?
A: An EPC contains information about a property’s energy use and typical energy costs, as well as recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money. It gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. An EPC is needed whenever a property is built, sold or let. You must order an EPC for potential tenants before you market your property. Please call us – we offer a great package for this

Q: What is a Gas Safety Certificate (GSC) and how long does it last?
A: By law, under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, it’s your responsibility to get a GSC every twelve months. You must get this from a Gas Safe Registered engineer for all pipe work, gas appliances and flues installed at your property. Please call us – we offer a great package for this.

Q: What is your incentive to ensure my property is let?
A: Our product is priced fairly so that both parties benefit from the service provided. We want your business, your repeat business and your referral business.

Q: How long will it take for you to find me a suitable tenant?
A: Typically, less than 1 week.

Q: How do I complain?
A:Please call and tell us if you are not happy. There is a full complaints procedure that culminates in taking a dispute to the Property Ombudsman. However, we will do our very best to ensure it is resolved before it gets that far. Far better to call and ask for the Chief Executive’s mobile number, which any Primove team member can provide you with. The CEO is passionate about delivering top notch customer service. He is also passionate about praising staff that are doing a great job, so please give him feedback when you are delighted with our service too!

Tenant FAQ’s

Q: How can using Primove benefit me?
A: We security check all our landlords and ensure that they have all the legal documentation necessary for a good tenancy. We like landlords who do things properly.

Q: Primove costs for tenants?
A: fee of £200 per a tenant

Q: Why do you charge only £200 
A: Most agents charge you £500 upfront before you are even accepted as a tenant; we believe this is unfair and unregulated high fees should be banned by the government. We also do not charge to renew contracts or silly fees for letters and phone calls . We also offer a great 24/7 customer care service. As previous tenants ourselves , we know that agents are only concerned about the landlords but we consider both equally.

Q: What is required for my referencing?
A: Your basic personal details, plus (where applicable) your National Insurance (NI) and passport numbers, financial details and details of your current employer and landlord.

Q: As a tenant, how is my deposit protected?
A: There are 3 government approved schemes, each of which protects tenants’ monies during the tenancy. In the event of disputes, each has procedures for dealing with this fairly and equitably. Good landlords and good tenants with a personal relationship rarely have issues.